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Not every material is called titanium

Why high-precision fields prefer to use titanium

First you need to understand

▼What is "Titanium"

Titanium is one of the members of the periodic table of chemical elements

The chemical symbol is Ti

Titanium was discovered by British chemist Gregor when he studied ilmenite and rutile in 1791. In 1795, the German chemist Kraprot discovered this element when analyzing the red rutile produced in Hungary. And quoted the name of the Titanic "Titanic" in Greek mythology to name this new element "Titanium". Chinese is named Ti according to its transliteration.

Titanium looks like steel and has a silver-gray luster

It took more than 100 years from the discovery of titanium to making pure titanium metal.

The titanium discovered by Gregor and Kraprot was powdered titanium dioxide, not metallic titanium. Because titanium oxide is extremely stable, and metallic titanium can be directly and violently combined with oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, etc., elemental titanium is difficult to produce

It was not until 1910 that the American chemist Hunter first reduced TiCl4 with sodium and sodium to produce metal titanium with a purity of 99.9%.

▼The characteristics and application of titanium


Titanium is non-toxic and harmless in the human body, and can resist the corrosion of secretions. It is suitable for any sterilization method. Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacture of medical devices, artificial hip joints, knee joints, shoulder joints, flank joints, skull bones, active heart valves, bone fixation clips, etc.

3D printed titanium human implants

3D printed titanium craniofacial implant

The metal-made 3D printed implants are not only high in strength, loose and porous, very light, but also have very good biocompatibility, which can promote the growth and regeneration of bones inside them, thereby greatly improving the effect of implant surgery.

The first 3D printed porous titanium implant prosthesis in Northwest China was successfully completed today in Xi'an Red Cross Hospital

Use titanium bone

Use stainless steel for bone grafting. After the bone is healed, remove the stainless steel sheet, otherwise the stainless steel will cause harm to the human body due to rust and cause secondary pain for the patient. If you use titanium "artificial bones", orthopedic technology will be completely improved. Use titanium sheets and titanium screws where the bones are damaged. After a few months, the bones will re-grow in the holes and screws of the titanium sheets, and the new muscle fibers will be wrapped in the titanium sheet. The titanium bones are like real The bones are connected with flesh and blood, supporting and strengthening. The patella claw commonly used in orthopedics is made of titanium. At low temperatures, it can be bent into any shape. The claw is broken during surgery and placed on the patient's broken patella. When it comes up, it will grasp the patella tightly and change into a preset shape

Titanium has no effect on human autonomic nerves and taste

Titanium is a pure metal, so when a substance comes into contact with it, it will not produce a chemical reaction, so it will not cause human allergies. For example, the outer layer of the high-end shaver is reinforced with a titanium metal coating, which can be strong and resistant to decay and at the same time give gentle care to the skin, reducing sensitive and red skin during shaving. Titanium-made tableware or cookware will not contain any metallic taste, which will affect the taste of food.

Humans consume about 0.8 mg of titanium every day

This is because an unknown mechanism makes the role of titanium in plants obvious. Titanium can not only increase the content of chlorophyll and carotenoids in the fresh weight of plant leaf unit by about 20%, but also increase the rate and effect of photosynthesis of chlorophyll10 -20%, which improves the plant's ability to produce nutrients through photosynthesis, and can also increase the activity of nitrogenase, peroxidase, nitrate reductase, 2-6 phosphatase in the plant; titanium is beneficial to plants The activation of DNA in the nucleus can mobilize endogenous hormones to the growth center, promote differentiation and induce callus. This can explain why most plants have a titanium content of about 1 ppm, while food plants even reach 2 ppm.

The content of titanium in normal human body is not more than 15mg per 70kg body weight, and its role is still unclear. But titanium can stimulate phagocytic cells, thereby enhancing immunity and promoting blood circulation, which makes titanium metal widely used in medicine and sports.

"High strength, low density, extreme temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic"

The characteristics of high strength and low density make titanium metal also widely used in the field of sporting goods. High-quality bicycle racks and golf clubs are usually made of titanium, which is durable.

Titanium bike

Titanium watch

Titanium aircraft

Titanium is an ideal material for aircraft. Aircraft engines, bulletproof parts, reinforced parts, reinforced parts, combustion chambers, turbine shafts, turbine disks, nozzles, etc., are mostly made of titanium alloy materials, mainly because titanium is good Heat resistance

The "titanium aircraft" is solid and light. A large titanium passenger aircraft can carry more than 100 people more than an ordinary aircraft of the same weight. The speed of the aircraft can exceed 3,000 kilometers per hour;

Titanium can also be made into a "memory alloy" with memory function together with nickel metal. If the car shell made of this "memory alloy" is deformed in a crash, it only needs to be washed with hot water above 80°C to restore the car's appearance. This alloy has been used in many fields. For example, the antenna used on the American Apollo spacecraft is this memory alloy

Titanium for aircraft engines

When a supersonic aircraft flies, the temperature of its wings can reach 500°C. If the wings are made of relatively heat-resistant aluminum alloys, Baidu will not be able to survive one to two or three. There must be a light, tough, and high temperature resistant material to replace aluminum alloys, and titanium can meet these requirements.

Titanium can withstand the test of more than one hundred degrees below zero. At this low temperature, titanium still has good toughness without being brittle, and has the properties of superconductors. Steel becomes weak and incompetent.

Titanium submarine

Titanium has a strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. It will not corrode after being immersed in seawater for 5 years, and steel will corrode and deteriorate in seawater. Titanium alloy is used to make the shell of the ship, and seawater cannot corrode it. The submarine made can resist seawater corrosion and deep pressure. Its diving depth is 80% higher than that of stainless steel submarines. At the same time, titanium is non-magnetic, will not be discovered by mines, and has a good anti-surveillance effect. Generally, a steel submarine can easily be crushed by water pressure when it dives more than 300 meters. The "titanium submarine" made of titanium alloy can dive to a depth of 4500 meters, not only will not be crushed, but also effectively avoid the attack of deep-water bombs, showing the unique charm and excellent performance of "titanium submarine".

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Titanium also has more applications in the field of construction. Located in Bilbao, Spain. It was founded by the Guggenheim Foundation in 1997. It is one of the most famous private modern art museums in the world and is considered to be the most spectacular deconstruction architecture in the world. Its exterior is gleaming titanium finish, the total area of titanium plate is 27.87 million square meters, it is the application of titanium that makes it unique.

As a lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant material,

Titanium metal is widely used in high-tech fields such as aerospace, military weapons, medical equipment, sporting goods, high-end products, construction, etc.

And more and more civilian fields are beginning to use titanium,

Enjoy the lightness, health and texture of titanium metal.

Welcome to the world of titanium

Let China make and change the world's titanium.

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