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    Titanium is high-strength, low-density, and corrosion resistance is leading to increased use of titanium such as aerospace, chemical, petrochemical, offshore oil and gas, power generation, desalination and generally different industries in the past 40 years, combined with engineering, as well as biomedical . It is no longer regarded as a new metal or unusually used only for aerospace applications, but only as a high-performance material to design engineers. Titanium is a new metal. Because it has a series of excellent characteristics, it is widely used in industrial production such as aviation, aerospace, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, power, seawater desalination, ships and daily life appliances. For modern metal.
    Titanium machining parts, titanium standard parts
    Grades: TA1, TA2, TC4, GR1, GR2, GR5
    Features: Features: low specific gravity and strong corrosion resistance.
    Executive standards: DIN933, DIN931, DIN963, DIN84GB/T5780, DIN912, DIN7380, DINEN1665, DIN7991, DIAN934, GB/T6170-2000, DIAN126, DIN127 British BSW American UNC, drawing processing, product name, outer hexagon bolts, inner hexagon bolts , Countersunk head hexagon bolts, countersunk head cross bolts, tapered head bolts, countersunk head bolts, hexagon flange bolts, cylindrical head bolts, hexagon nuts, flat washers, spring washers.
    According to customer requirements, we can undertake the production of titanium machining parts, titanium alloy machining parts, titanium standard parts, titanium non-standard parts, processing with drawings and materials.
    Processing purposes: chemical equipment, medical accessories, home appliance accessories, photographic equipment, automobile and motorcycle accessories, electronics factory, powder metallurgy, photoelectric technology, furniture accessories, food machinery, and other non-standard precision CNC machining products.
    Our company has strong technical strength, and there are many technicians who have unique views on the processing technology.

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