Titanium rods

    Material:Pure titanium, titan





    certificate:ISO 9001

    standard:GB/T 2965 ASTM B348 ASTM F136


    Precautions for using titanium rod:

    1 Avoid scratches, collisions, dust and grease.

    2 The working pressure should not exceed the rated working pressure during use.

    3 During normal use, at least 3-5 minutes of low-pressure start-up time, the relative pressure difference should be controlled below 0.5Mpa, and then gradually adjust the working pressure to the normal needs (higher pressure does not exceed 0.4Mpa).

    4 After a certain period of operation of this product, the filter element may be clogged, resulting in a pressure increase and a flow reduction, which requires backwashing or backwash regeneration. The regeneration cycle depends on the rated pressure and flow.

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