Titanium forging

    Material:Pure titanium, titan


    thickness:On demand

    width:On demand

    height:On demand

    certificate:ISO 9001

    standard:GB/T 16598 ASTM 381


    Product name: Titanium ring_Titanium forged ring
    Product description: Baoji Jingcheng Titanium Owner: Titanium Nickel Forgings, Titanium Nickel Pipe Fittings, TA2 Titanium Rings, Titanium Forging Rings, Executive Standard GB/T16598, ASTM B381. Other grades: TA1 (GR1), TA2 (GR2) TA9(GR7), TA10(GR12)
    Product Details
    1. Titanium forging ring material:
    Titanium ring commonly used grades: TA1 (GR1), TA2 (GR2), TA9 (GR7), TA10 (GR12), TC4 (GR5)
    2. Titanium ring executive standard:
    •ASTM B381
    3. Size specification of titanium forging ring:
    Customize the company's main products according to drawings or samples:
    1. Titanium rod, round rod, square rod
    Specifications: diameter 8.0----300mm length "4000mm
    Executive standard: GB/T2965-2007 GB/T16598-2007ASTM B348 ASTM F67 F136 AMS 4928 ISO5832-2 ISO5832-3
    Product packaging: According to customer needs.
    2. Titanium forgings: titanium cake, titanium ring, titanium block, titanium shaped parts
    Specifications: According to customer needs
    Executive standard: GB/T16598-2007 ASTM B348 ASTM F67 F136 AMS 4928 ISO5832-2 ISO5832-3
    3. Titanium slab and titanium rod blank
    Specifications: According to customer needs
    Quality assurance: Our company has the entire processing procedure from melting to forging to inspection to ensure product quality and 100% ultrasonic flaw detection.
    Application areas: chemical, medical, aviation, aerospace, marine, petrochemical, etc.
    Customers are welcome to inquire.

    Titanium &Titanium Alloy Rods & Bars




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      TA1、TA2、TA3、TA4、 TA9、TA10、TA15、 TC4




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