Titanium forging

    Material:Pure titanium, titan


    thickness:On demand

    width:On demand

    height:On demand

    certificate:ISO 9001

    standard:GB/T 16598 ASTM 381


    产品名称 规格(mm) 牌号 执行标准
    钛方块 100-1500 30-600 20-300 TA1、TA7、TA9、TA10、TA15、TA18、TA19、TC1、TC6、TC4、TC9、TC11、TC18、TB6 ASTM B381、AMS4928 、GB/T16598-1996

    1. Application field

    Products are widely used in vacuum salt production, fine chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, chlor-alkali industry, electroplating, electrolysis, aerospace, desalination and other industries.

    2. Processing technology

    Forging and rolling

    3. Surface

    The surface is clean and smooth without defects such as peeling, porosity and cracks.

    4. Detection

    Destructive testing Physical performance testing, hardness testing, chemical composition testing. Non-destructive testing: ultrasonic testing, penetration testing, appearance testing.

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